We really hope you enjoy drinking from your new bottle and want you to get the best experience possible from it.

To care for your new purchase, please clean often! Do not leave filled with unrefrigerated liquids for more than a few hours without cleaning the bottle again. Please feel free to wash in the dishwasher, with the silicone sleeve on. Alternatively, ensure to give the inside of the bottle a thorough cleaning often.

The cap needs to washed by hand to remain free of corrosion. It’s only stain “less” steel, not stain proof! Should you decide to put the bottle in the microwave (we don’t use microwaves for health reasons!), please take the sleeve off as per the below instructions and do not put the cap in the microwave.

Finally, while we have made every effort to ensure this bottle is robust enough for everyday use when you are out and about, by thickening the base and sidewalls and constructing the bottle from ti-borosilicate glass, it is still made from glass and due care is required as it is not break proof.

I hope you enjoy drinking from your new bottle, thank you for supporting us and remember to bee blissful x


Bottle Care Instructions

Bottle Care Instructions

Bottle Care Instructions 2

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