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Bee Blissful makes bottles that are good for the planet and good for you!Bee Blissful drinking bottles

By using re-usable glass bottles to transport all of your favourite liquids on the go or to safely drink in your home or office without fear of spillage, you are actively helping to eliminate wasteful and harmful plastic packaging, keeping you and the planet clean in the process.

Plastic, even durable ones, are affected by heat, light and oxygen exposure. Over time, and with repeated use, plastic begins to degrade and leach into your favourite beverages.

Bee Blissful glass bottles are made of strengthened ti-borosilicate glass, with a reinforced base and sidewalls for extra durability.

Housed in a removable silicon sleeve that affords extra grip and protection against breakage, these bottles suffer none of the degradation of plastics, keeping your drink clean and pure tasting.

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